The Tea Salon // Melbourne Emporium

There has been much hype about ‘The Tea Salon‘ and it’s almost jam packed everytime I walk past (sometimes even queues from the outside)- so I was very surprised to learn that it is only rated 47%  on Urbanspoon (curently).  The overall decor (wallpaper, table setting etc) is very fancy, delicate and elegant. The colour scheme is quite femine and the overall concept of tea and scones (or high tea) really does invite the idea of a good quality time of catching up.

It is quite crowded (therefore also quite loud) and there are a lot of tables in a small amount of space. The cushioned seats are nice as there are pretty pillows lying about and there is also a take a way option which is near the very front of the store.

teasalon (1)
Before you even order the teacups are already set out for you (it’s like they assume you’ll definitely order a pot of tea!) – but there are other drink choices on the menu. It’s also not JUST high tea style of food – they also have meals such as  sandwiches, salad, fritters and polenta. Their complete menu is on their website (if you want to check it out for yourself), and prices are generally about $15 on average.teasalon (4)
Scottish Breakfast Tea // 5.5
My friend and I were only here for some afternoon tea so we decided to order a pot of tea (Scottish Breakfast – which was nice – a stronger version of black tea) and two scones to share.  Each scone is $6.50 eat in and comes with either jam + cream, or herbed butter.teasalon (3)
White Chocolate & Cranberry
with jam and cream // 6.50
This was the sweet choice and it was quite flavoursome – definitely not bland and the flavours of chocolate went really well with the cranberry. The scones also come out warm which is nice – a bit hard to cut though.

teasalon (2)
Rosemary Leek & Parmesan with whipped herbed butter //6.50
Out of the two, I definitely enjoyed this scone a lot more. It’s the savoury option and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all! Packed with flavour – I could eat a lot of these. I really liked the flavour of their whipped herbed butter as well.

We didn’t order any to-be-made items so the service was really quick. We didn’t need to wait long to be seated (approximately 5-10 minutes) and after we ordered the food arrived promptly.  The staff were friendly on this occasion (although looking at other reviews apparently the staff aren’t always great?).

I had a good time, but personally I wouldn’t make it a habit coming by. It’s quite expensive in terms of ‘value for money’ (not specifically the Tea Salon,  but in general any time of high tea style cafe is generally not cheap) however it’s nice for a special occasion. If you have a friend who is a tea lover and loves to catch up then this would definitely be a nice present to shout a friend.

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